Is Merchant a dirty word?

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A friend and I are thinking of opening a tea bar and have been brain storming names.  We were thinking something that included the word 'merchant' but do you think it has negative connotations?

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Personally, for me, merchant

Personally, for me, merchant doesn't have any negative connotations.  However, it does have specific connotations that might help or hurt you depending on what message you want to send.  This is just my own personal reaction:

When I hear the word "merchant" I would think more of a shop to buy tea and teaware in, rather than a sit-down cafe or tea house or tea bar.  I also might expect more little, unrelated things, becasue I think of merchants as selling diverse stuff.

Merchant also might be a good word if you directly source your teas, or if you think you have some unique or outstanding ability in sourcing teas, and you want to emphasize this.

Also, "merchant" is a bit of an old-fashioned word, and my intuition is that it might appeal to a slightly older crowd than a younger one.

One word I would avoid, however, is "merchandise".  When I hear this word, I think overpriced consumerist junk.

I hope this helps!

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I don't think that "merchant" has any negative implications for tea consumers.

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