ATB Members Review: The HOB, by Thistledown Cozies

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the HOB

Several members of the ATB reviewed the "Hob," a handmade tea cozy by Thistledown Cozies. Samples used for evaluation were provided to members by the company.

From the company's site:

Why call it a HOB? First of all, the name "tea cozy" is just too feminine for this product. We went looking for something masculine to describe this tea warmer for men and found "hob". The dictionary definition for "hob" is "a shelf in the back of a fireplace on which to place things to keep warm"; and "hob" is a British colloquialism for a stove top. Appropriate a word for a product that works so well to keep things hot. .. and very manly!

ATB member reviews:

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Hob (tea cozy) review

"Hob Nobs" is the name of a McVitie biscuit and what I first thought of when seeing the announcement of the review. My husband (very manly) thinks there is nothing unmasculine about "tea cozy".

The silly name aside, this tea cozy looks quite attractive and a great alternative to the sometimes overly flowery tea cozies available on the market. Only wish I'd had a chance to try one out on the Little Yellow Teapot. I think he would have been very pleased.

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