ATB Group Project: Green Tea Flavor Project

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Description of the Project: The idea’s pretty simple. We taste items that are elements of green tea flavors, draw connections to green teas that exhibit those flavors, and blog about our experience.

About the Original Research: The project is based on the research A Lexicon for Flavor Descritive Analysis of Green Tea by Lee and Chambers, published in the Journal of Sensory Studies 22 (2007). The study classified 31 flavor characteristics that were found in over 100 green tea samples.

Of these 31 flavor samples, we have chosen characteristics that can be conveniently reproduced with common household items and products found in grocery stores. Other flavors can be reproduced with equipment like snifters.

Results: Below are links to individual ATB member blog posts of their findings.


Katrina Munichiello, Tea Pages: asparagus

Marlena Amalfitano, Tea for Today: celery

Jason Walker, Walker Tea Review: parsley

Brett Boynton, Black Dragon Tea Bar: seaweed

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