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Ciao Bella! Italy is a beautiful place to visit

Barb's Tea Shop - 13 hours 33 min ago

Coffee in Florence. When in Rome. . . 
Ciao Bella!

Italy is beautiful, inside and out. Graced by nature, with sloping verdant landscapes and scenic coastal shores along turquoise seas, this country also houses some of the most spectacular architecture and artistry in the world. It's also home to amazing food, wine, coffee and, yes, even tea!

Last month, I visited Italy along with my husband, Chris, and daughter, Rachel. We spent time in Rome, Venice and Florence, making our way to all the "must-sees", like the Sistine Chapel, the Colosseum and David, and taking part in all the "must do's", gondola rides, pasta dinners, and sampling every flavor of gelato.

Parting in the "must-sees", the Colossuem tour at night

In our travels, we also paid a visit to two amazing tea rooms, but more about those in upcoming blogs. Aside from those lovely afternoon tea venues and our Venetian hotel, we mostly drank espressos and other coffee drinks because when in Rome. . .  (couldn't wait to use that!)

What I loved the most about Italy was the passion of the people and the artistry they bring to everything,  whether it's a small outdoor cafe tablescape or grand hotel lobby. Old mixes with new to make ordinary things extraordinary:  a chipped teapot filled with fresh flowers, bold blue plates accompanied by bright red napkins and ornate chandeliers illuminating centuries-old stone walls all work together to enchant and charm. Even the McDonald's, with it's glass counters filled with trays of multi-hued macarons looks like a high-end pastry shop,

Rachel and Chris at McDonald's in Rome, we're not in Kansas, Toto!

Our hotel in Rome, Hotel Manfredi,  was on Via Margutta, a short walk to the Spanish Steps, and home to Gregory Peck's character, Joe Bradley, in the movie "Roman Holiday".  (We learned this  later in our stay and finally understood why so many people were taking pictures of the address, '51 Via Margutta').

Charming Cafe, with beautiful tablescapes on Via Margutta
Italy is also a place where anything can happen and it did! We met up with our good friends from Michigan, Rik and Carol, while in Rome. (Their vacation intersected with ours for one day (!) and we met up for lunch at a quaint restaurant near the Spanish Steps.). 

Meeting up in Rome with friends, Rik and Carol, from Michigan
We also crossed paths with a celebrity while in Venice, and we're part of his entourage for an exciting 15 minutes of fame.

Part of of celebrity entourage for 15 minutes of fame, with Nick Reynolds
So, that in a hazelnutshell, is our trip to Italy. In upcoming stories, we'll dedicate one blog for each of the great cities we visited: Rome, Venice and Florence.

Pasta dinner in Rome. Ciao Bella, Italy!

Ciao Bella, Italy!


Friday Roundup: October 15th - October 21st

Tea For Me Please - Fri, 10/20/2017 - 16:00
Green Tea Furikake

This week Anna at The Tea Squirrel brings us a recipe jam-packed with umami deliciousness. I have an aversion to most seafood but those of you that enjoy shrimp and bonito flakes definitely need to check this one out.

Ruby 8 Black - Totem Tea

Jordan at Tea-Tography got some really incredible shots of this black tea and incense combo from Totem Tea. I thought it was interesting because it was made with the #8 TTES cultivar rather than the much more typical #18.

Sugiyama Hikosaburo: The Discoverer of Yabukita

Did you know that the yabukita cultivar comprises approximately 75% of the tea grown in Japan? Ricardo at My Japanese Green Tea posted an excellent biography of the man who discovered it. I'm so grateful for the knowledge that he shares with all of us. I have yet to find a better resource about Japanese green tea than his blog.

Puerh? I Barely Know Her!

One thing that definitely made me smile this week was seeing Geoff from Steep Stories of the Lazy Literatus getting back to his usual antics. He got wonderfully tea drunk at a tasting held by Jeffrey McIntosh of Teabook. Somehow nipple-chakras came up in conversation. Don't say I didn't warn you...

Blast from the past: it’s the spiciest time of the year

T Ching - Fri, 10/20/2017 - 12:42

This article was originally posted to T Ching in October of 2015.

Don’t you love Fall?  I’m a Fall person.  I love the leaves falling, the crisp freshness and the slight chill in the air, and the teas and herbals that are so much a part of the ambiance.

Every year about this time, tea businesses start to pick up as spicy beverages signal the start of the holiday season that seems to last for months.  Tastes turn from iced to hot, even though 80% of tea in the U.S. is consumed iced.  Now is the time to have your best and most creative spicy teas, herbals, and specialty beverages ready and waiting for customers who are going to be looking for and requesting them.

Fruits and spices together are especially wonderful: pumpkin, cranberry, pears, apples, cinnamon, nutmeg, and cloves all warming and comforting.  These flavors have a quality of bringing back memories for me of holidays past, family gatherings, old movies and, if you’re a country person, things like hayrides and long walks in the woods.

There are a few classic specialty beverages I really look forward to as Fall moves toward Winter.  Hot chai lattes, hot spicy cider, and a really rich, dark hot chocolate with whipped cream and shaved chocolate on top.  When we had our store, these were our most popular choices for this time of year.  There were popular variations as well.  Ones I really loved were the coconut chai latte and peppermint hot chocolate.  As for the cider, we bought ours from a small farm in the Northeast that sold a cider concentrate.  It was absolutely amazing..spicy and rich. For hot chocolate, we did a very dark, thick chocolate sauce in steamed milk with lots of whipped cream.  I know pumpkin chai is a classic but if you haven’t had coconut chai, give it a shot, or try a shot of coconut syrup substituted for one of the pumpkin flavor.

People also seem to calm down in Fall, to slow down slightly and start getting into the “holiday spirit”.  This time of year, one of our best sellers, even now on the website, is a black tea with cinnamon and orange oil and real orange rind, slightly sweet from the cinnamon oil.  I usually hate oil in my teas, but bergamot oil in Earl Grey and a few of the light essential citrus oils are exceptions.  This orange spice tea is also amazing iced, but sipped piping hot on a chilly night as an accompaniment to a good book…perfect.  It’s a wonderful choice for getting into a more mellow mindset.

There are also wonderful baked good accompaniments tea houses can add this time of year.  We always loved pumpkin cheesecake, gingerbread, cranberry muffins, molasses cookies, and even the quintessential cinnamon rolls seem yummier when served with spicy drinks.

All alone at home last night, I brewed myself a big mug of Orange Cinnamon Spice tea and it just felt so right.  It’s been a long, hot summer and I’m ready to shift gears.  Welcome, Fall!

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Enlightening Lotus from Flower Pot Tea Company. . . .

SororiTEA Sisters - Fri, 10/20/2017 - 11:00
Not being a huge fan of strongly floral teas, finding the right floral tisane can be tricky.  I have issues with lavender so when ever I see a floral tea without lavender especially a tisane, I get quite excited. Enlightening Lotus is by far one of the most stunning flowering teas I’ve brewed up.  Basically this tea is one gorgeous flower.  When put in just the right tea pot, you have one stunning presentation. Simply gorgeous.  My husband even commented by how lovely the presentation of this tea was.  Pops of brilliant yellow filled my tea pot.  How can you Read More

Rose City Rooibos from Beach House Teas. . . . .

SororiTEA Sisters - Thu, 10/19/2017 - 23:00
Spring and summer are my favorite time for drinking floral teas, complementing the flowers blooming outside of my teacup.  So this seemed like the perfect time to try a cup of Rose City Rooibos from Beach House Teas. This is the first tea I’ve tried from Beach House Teas so I took a look at their website.  Family-run business in the Pacific Northwest with a focus on organic and wild ingredients, producing hand-blended teas.  They also have an Etsy shop, if that’s more your style.  They even offer herb-infused sugar for cooking, and herb infused salts and bath bombs for Read More

The Health Benefits Of Ashwagandha Tea aka The American Ginseng

T Ching - Thu, 10/19/2017 - 12:37

-by Tony Solomon

Are you a fan of tea? If you are, chances are that you have heard of Ashwagandha, which is also known as the American Ginseng. If you haven’t, you should know that it has a lot of health benefits, which include its use in fighting diabetes and cancer, but also to diminish inflammation, asthma, arthritis, hypertension, rheumatism and stress. Next to that, it improves how much antioxidants your body receives, controls the immune system, and has antibacterial and anticonvulsant properties. If you thought that that’s all, then you’ll be surprised to learn that it is also helpful for men that suffer from infertility and erectile dysfunction.

Reduces anxiety and stress

Anxiety and stress are common ailments in today’s society, which are most often combatted with psychotherapy and medication. The good news is that if you want to try out herbs to help you in this battle, Ashwagandha is commonly used to boost physical and mental health. It has been traditionally prescribed as a way to produce a calming and soothing effect on people. While it is still unknown which active ingredient is responsible for this, studies have shown that it certainly helps in reducing stress and anxiety.

Aids against cancer

Research has shown that Ashwagandha could be the future alternative when it comes to oncology, because it has cancer killing properties that work well combined with chemotherapy and radiation therapy. For now, a study on animals has shown that the tea causes apoptosis, that is, programmed cell death of cancer cells. Furthermore, it is very useful because it has been proven to relieve the side effects of chemotherapy, without having any negative effects on the process.

Stimulates the thyroid gland and boosts immunity

Ashwagandha is also extremely helpful for people who suffer from hypothyroidism, as it has been proven to stimulate the thyroid gland. The consumption of the root extract on a daily basis boosts the secretion of thyroid hormones. Furthermore, various research has been done, and some of it has shown that consuming Ashwagandha has significantly affected the reactivity of the immune system, and prevented myelosuppression which was induced by immunosuppressive drugs. The plant boosted the count of red and white blood cells and platelets.

Controls levels of cholesterol

Due to its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, Ashwagandha has also been proven to have positive effects on cardiovascular health problems. It has the ability to control cholesterol levels, and makes the heart muscles stronger. In Arizona, they have conducted a study that shows that the plant has hypolipidemic properties, which are exactly what alleviates the levels of cholesterol.

Boosts blood production

Research has also shown that Ashwagandha has hematopoietic properties. The process of producing new blood is called hematopoiesis. This research was also done on mice, and has shown that when this particular herb was administered, the white blood cell and red blood cell counts were significantly boosted. What this basically means is that it could have the same positive effect on people, and can be used in battling anemia.

Improves athletic performance

Another benefit of using this herb is that it has adaptogenic properties, and therefore it boosts the body’s natural systems. When you exercise, it improves the oxygen flow towards muscle cells. This results in greater strength and better stamina. Furthermore, it’s also useful in battling the effects of stress hormones during exercise. Finally, it has value in controlling the development of lactic acid.

Increases fertility and helps with erectile dysfunction

If you are having trouble with erectile dysfunction, then Ashwagandha can help you out. It boosts the libido in men and is often used as a medicine for ED. Still, don’t use it on your own and make sure that you are under the supervision of a professional doctor. If you’ve tried it, along with other options, and it doesn’t help, then maybe you should try visiting a clinic such as Ageless Men’s Health. Next to being a libido booster, the herb also improves the quality of the semen. It works as an aphrodisiac medicine and improves the semen quality by boosting the sperm count as well as sperm mobility.

In summation

Ashwagandha tea, or the American Ginseng, is a beverage with many healthy properties. You can find Ashwagandha in the market in dried form, powdered form, or fresh root form. If you’re taking it for any particular ailment, you should consult a professional before you do so. You can easily make the tea – boil the powder in water for 10 minutes, but make sure that you don’t use more than a teaspoon.


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Mandala Tea 2013 Autumn Song Mao Cha

Tea For Me Please - Thu, 10/19/2017 - 11:20

Country of Origin: China
Leaf Appearance: large and wiry, abundance of buds
Steep time: 30 seconds
Water Temperature: 212 degrees
Preparation Method: porcelain gaiwan
Liquor: deep gold

Mandala Tea just recently reopened their website and many tea drinkers celebrated the occasion by ordering A.S.A.P., myself included. I needed some puerh mao cha to photograph for a blog post so it was the perfect excuse to load up. Simply put, mao cha is the raw material that is compressed to make a puerh cake. Although there were a few to choose from, I had to go with Autumn Song. The compressed version is still one of my all-time favorites (and I had recently finished the last of a cake).

This tea hails from Da Hu Sai village in the Mengku county area of Lincang, Yunnan. Although not certified organic, it is noted that the tea is produced without the use of pesticides and that it has been tested as such. The difference in appearance between compressed tea and mao cha is quite striking. This is a tea that definitely needs to be measured in grams rather than teaspoons because there is simply no way those big, beautiful leaves will fit. They were long and spindly with a large number of visible buds.

The taste was vegetal and sweet with a relatively thick mouthfeel. Heady floral notes were contrasted by crisp green bell peppers and hints of citrus. A creamy vanilla-like sweetness in the background lingered on my palate long after each sip. While there was some astringency, it was really only enough to give a fresh and lively feeling. If you're sensitive to this aspect of tea you may want to dial back your water temperature and treat this more like a green tea.

If you've never had mao cha and want to give it a try, this one would be a great place to start. It's not harsh yet still provides a lot of complexity. For long-term storage, compressed tea is really still the best way to go. Have you ever tried Autumn Song or any other kind of Mao Cha? How was it different from compressed tea? Let me know about it in the comments!

2013 Autumn Song Mao Cha was purchased from Mandala Tea.

Matcha from ZenTei . . . . .

SororiTEA Sisters - Thu, 10/19/2017 - 11:00
In the last wave of summer weather, I brewed up a cup of matcha from ZenTei.  It was an easy choice, after my eye caught a glimpse of its beautiful packaging on my tea shelf. This matcha is a hand-ground, organic green tea. The powdered tea is smooth and green, though a bit muted in color.  Matcha is best at its freshest and greenest, and I should note that I’m tasting this sample after a friend, so it’s possible my sample was just a little past its prime. In the warm weather, I tried this iced, unsweetened and without milk. Read More

Hot Cinnamon Spice Tea by Harney and Sons

SororiTEA Sisters - Wed, 10/18/2017 - 23:00
I steeped this tea in approximately eight ounces of 212-degree water, using one tea bag, for about three and a half minutes. These are really cute pyramid tea sachets! (I know pyramid sachets have gotten much more popular recently partly because everybody is recognizing how cute they are, but it still strikes me every time!) I don’t usually buy these, but you have to admit they’re super convenient. There’s no measuring, no latching and unlatching a tea-ball or pouring through a strainer after steeping, no wishing the mesh was smaller so the tea particles wouldn’t get out, no wondering why all of Read More

A new TEA Meetup!

T Ching - Wed, 10/18/2017 - 12:54

Who’s doing what in your city and in your neighborhood? Most Internet searches on any topic of interest, in no time flat, will invariably lead you to a Meetup group. Go ahead, type something you’re interested in and see what comes up – better yet – enter “Tea Groups” and see what you find.

Because I know your time is valuable, I’ll help you out. There are 452 tea groups around the globe with over 207, 559 members. Boom! Now, have a look to see what is in your area.  Here is the San Diego TEA Meetup featuring Thomas Shu.

I was involved with the San Diego Tea Meetup, founded by Dianna Harbin in 2009, and have since started a new group in the area which I now live and just recently had our first gathering. Yes, things may start off slowly, but you keep trying. This is the new Murrieta TEA Meetup!

Starting a group is the easy part. Maintaining enthusiasm and encouraging participation can be a little more challenging. People very quickly join groups and some RSVP to attend just as quickly, but it’s the actual showing up that most members seem to find difficult to honor. Oh, they want to, I don’t doubt that, but physically attending seems to be the hard part.

With over 20 million members, in over 150 different countries, over 50,000 events happening weekly, and with over 65,000 organizers, Meetup.com is convincingly the place to be. (These numbers seem to vary widely from article to article, but the numbers are huge and forecast to grow.) They charge the organizer, a monthly fee of $14.99 for the unlimited membership, and this is very reasonable for the reach you will have. Nevertheless, do read and understand their rules – they have many. Meetup began after the 9/11 tragedy as a way to encourage face-to-face interactions with people to build and create a stronger sense of community.

Tea groups naturally spawn a sense of community – it’s just built into the beverage – it’s part of the history of tea. Group organizers do have to be patient and creative in making selections for each gathering.

I have put together a series of new books on how to meditate with tea where I give systematic instructions (suggestions) for anyone wishing to start a tea group or add tea and meditating with tea as a featured event for an existing group.

I ran the San Diego Tea Meetup group for several years by myself and learned some valuable lessons during that period that I’ve chosen to share in these books. I feel that people coming together for tea, education, and social interaction strengths communities. During and after our recent American disasters and tragedies, we witnessed people coming together and working in selfless unity.

Just as the Meetup creators immediately witnessed people reaching out to help strangers without a second thought after 9/11, they wanted to create something that had the power to do this without the tragedy. I believe they have indeed succeeded in doing so to a smaller extent – but every little bit helps. Tea is the perfect beverage of hospitality to bring people together. Please consider sharing your appreciation and knowledge of tea with others.


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A Unique Pumpkin Chai from Love Tea

SororiTEA Sisters - Wed, 10/18/2017 - 11:00
As soon as the weather turns a little cooler, or when I just get tired of summer, I decide that it’s pumpkin season and start looking for all things pumpkin spice. I love the warming cinnamon and ginger, the herbal clove, cardamom, and allspice, and the general sweet juiciness of pumpkin puree.  Each pumpkin spice product has its own blend of sweet and spicy, which makes it all the more fun to try them all.   This time, I tried Pumpkin Chai from Love Tea.  I got a chance to try this company’s more summery blends earlier in the year, Read More

Scarborough Fair from A Quarter To Tea. . . .

SororiTEA Sisters - Tue, 10/17/2017 - 23:00
Every single time I am on the A Quarter to Tea website, the name “Scarborough Fair” catches my eye. Every. Single. Time. I have no idea why or what I am always expecting but the name always pulls me in. I keep thinking it is like a berry tea or something like that and I want it but then I click on the page and read the description which calls it “fruity” and “herbaceous”. Though fruity I like, herbaceous makes me hesitant and in the end my hesitation wins out and this tea gets left behind. However, I guess fate Read More

How do you do tea at work/school?

Walker Tea Review - Tue, 10/17/2017 - 14:44

Making your own tea at the office or at school can be a very healthy, affordable and rewarding experience, if preparation and clean-up are simple and convenient. Take a look at how easy the steeping cup can be, and try for yourself. I used Dragon Pearl‘s steeping cup which is FREE with an order of...

Read More

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Tell us about your favorite tea shop!

T Ching - Tue, 10/17/2017 - 12:00

Most of us in the tea-loving community have that one tea shop they love to go to. Maybe they make the best cup of tea in town. Maybe they have the best selection of loose teas in the city. Maybe the people are just great! Some of us are lucky enough that we have many places to choose from.

But what about you? What is your go-to tea spot?

Part of what we do at T Ching is spreading the love and knowledge of tea to the world. But it is also important that we also spread the love and visibility of our local tea businesses. Without them, it would be that much harder to share the tea love!

Is there a tea shop by you that deserves some extra visibility? Have you had a stellar experience at a store you visited while on a trip? Are you a small tea business that would like to share your story? Tell us! Send your stories to editor@tching.com or post them on our Facebook page, and we will share some of them on our site!


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Creme De Menthe from Clearview Tea Co. . . .

SororiTEA Sisters - Tue, 10/17/2017 - 11:00
Clearview Tea Co’s Creme de Menthe. Black Tea. Vanilla. Mint. Sounds like the perfect makings for an after-dinner latte to me. Preparing this latte, I noticed that the dry leaf even had a creamy smell to it, probably thanks to the vanilla. The mint, though abundant, did not take over scentwise but rather balanced the sweet creaminess. As I steeped the tea for 3 minutes in 200F water, I hoped that quality would transfer over to the taste as well. Sipping on it now, I can say that this is quite lovely. It is a touch more muted than I Read More

An NYC Afternoon of Tea and Friendship

Tea For Me Please - Tue, 10/17/2017 - 04:34

I live in a quiet little corner of New Jersey. It's not always perfect but it does have the advantage of easy travel to NYC. I am also lucky enough to have a small tribe of wonderful women there who all love the leaf as much as I do. From time to time an email will go out like the Bat-Signal, gathering us all together for tea.

We started our day off at La Colombe Coffee Roasters' Chelsea location. Alexis from Teaspoons & Petals is their tea consultant and we were all excited to see the debut of their newest tea offering, Silverton pour over Matcha Gyokyro! The Silverton pour over brewers they had in the cafe are seriously drool-worthy. I don't need one...but I definitely want one after seeing them in action. My cup was expertly brewed, a perfect blend of everything that I love about both matcha and gyokuro. This is definitely one to check out if you are ever in one of their cafes that offer it. Once we had all gotten our fix at La Colombe, it was time to hop in an Uber to the International Culinary Center.

Pour Over Matcha Gyokuro at La Colombe
The International Culinary Center was kind enough to allow us to hold a small tea party in their library. Surrounded by beautiful books and wonderful friends, my senses were quite overwhelmed. Keiko from Rishi Tea put together an incredible exploration of Japanese green teas. I was particularly excited to have the chance to compare different teas. Yabukita is by far the most prevalent cultivar so my not-so-inner tea nerd was ready to really dig into teas made with Okumidori, Saemidori, and Machiko.

So many delicious teas to taste!
One thing that our group has in common other than tea is that we all have a bit of a sweet tooth. Not only did she lay out a beautiful table but Keiko also tempted us with delicious mochi and macarons. Darlene also surprised us all with raspberry flavored Kit Kats, a perfect accompaniment for all of the matcha that we were drinking. The black lilies made for a really striking visual and I'm still admiring one in a vase on my kitchen table as I'm writing this post.

The Shincha Machiko was a definite standout for me. I tried it at a previous tasting and enjoyed it just as much the second time around. Machiko is a cultivar known for its unique cherry blossom aroma. Although the entire tasting consisted only of Japanese green teas, they were each distinctive and unique. Vertical and horizontal comparisons help to increase our understanding of tea. I highly recommend putting together a similar menu of your own if the opportunity ever presents itself.

Needless to say, I was more than a bit tea drunk by the time we were finished. That didn't stop me from wandering over to T Shop afterward with Jo. After sharing many sips of Yu Shan oolong (anything but green tea!), I was ready for the train ride(s) home.

I'll be sure to link to other blog posts about our gathering here:

Flights of Fancy - Tea Happiness

Do you have a favorite kind of Japanese green tea? Let me know about it in the comments!

Pancake Breakfast from 52Teas. . . . .

SororiTEA Sisters - Tue, 10/17/2017 - 02:00
I’m really excited to be reviewing a tea that is part of 52 Teas’ permanent collection! Its nice that they started this because I like having options that aren’t always Limited Edition. I never tried their Pancake Breakfast Black Tea before, but when I saw it I had to grab a sample pouch because anything that involves pancakes or waffles always peaks my curiosity. Smelling the dry leaf of this smooth black tea blend I could definitely smell the maple syrup. Now- something that happens with a lot of teas that are created after a pancake or waffle usually end Read More

A Kid-Friendly Novelty, Delicious, Gross Swampwater from David’s Tea

SororiTEA Sisters - Tue, 10/17/2017 - 00:35
David’s Tea company always have the cutest seasonal mugs, and I just can’t help but check out their fall collection as soon as it goes up on their website.  Their loose-leaf teas are generally all blends, and tend to be on the sweeter side.  That said, it is a colorful and friendly place to get started for those who are new to tea.   This Halloween season, I ordered a cute ceramic jar with glow-in-the-dark ghosts.  To get the jar, it came filled with tea, and this blend was such a good time I had to write a review.  The Read More

Boba Fett Fandom Blend from Adagio Teas. . . .

SororiTEA Sisters - Sat, 10/14/2017 - 23:00
The fandom blends section of the Adagio website is a wonderful, wacky, wild west of tea blends. Any movie or video game or book you can think of has a series of community-made teas meticulously blended and designed for your tea-brewing pleasure.  One downside is that the blend creators can change or remove their blends at any time.  I’ve got a tea today from the Adagio fandom vault, a blend that’s no longer posted, but we’ll still take a look at it’s fun, fandom flavors: Boba Fett from Chelsea Drangsholt. This green tea blend is fruity with a bit of Read More

Apple and Cinnamon from Teapigs. . . .

SororiTEA Sisters - Sat, 10/14/2017 - 14:39
Recently I ordered the “cheeky” sample set from Teapigs and got a small taste of a dozen of their teas.  One of my favorites from the bunch was Apple & Cinnamon. When the weather gets cool, my apple and cinnamon consumption grows exponentially, (I mean, for breakfast I’m exclusively eating these apple pie overnight oats).  And this tea is my new obsession for an herbal evening brew. Apple & Cinnamon tea from Teapigs is fitting into my autumn menu perfectly.  This herbal blend is all fruit and herbs, no rooibos or honeybush or decaf tea leaves.  Lots of little yellow Read More
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